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Archived terms and conditions: November 18th, 2011

1. Prizes offered on are also referred to as “Eggs” on

2. Unless indicated in the prize details, all prizes offered on are offered and paid for by the parent company of, Wimpy Analytics LLC. Wimpy Analytics LLC is located at 218 W. 13th Street, Suite 111, Sioux Falls, SD, 57104.

3. Unless otherwise indicated, entries into giveaways are limited by the duration of the contest (typically less than 24 hours). The odds of winning are not predetermined, and depend on factors such as contest duration, prize popularity, daily website traffic, and participation patterns (opt in rate).

4. pays for all shipping and handling to prize winners. There is no financial cost to redeem a won prize.

5. Restrictions: participants must:

  1. Be legal residents of the United States
  2. I have a shipping address in a US state or Puerto Rico
  3. Be at least 18 years of age at the time of account creation
  4. Hold only one active account in their name

6. User participation is limited to one entry per giveaway and may include 'Karma'.

7. No purchase is necessary to participate in a giveaway.

8. Participation in giveaways is void where prohibited by law

9. To enter a giveaway, a valid account is required. Entry is accomplished by visiting the homepage and clicking the “I Like It” button.

10. Selection of Contest Winner(s)

  1. The winner of each contest is selected at random from the pool of contest participants
  2. Winners who apply “Karma” to their entry will be given one additional entry per “Karma” point applied in their entry.
  3. The winner will be selected within 24 hours of the contest end time.
  4. Winners will be notified by email.
  5. If verification of shipping, eligibility, or account status is required, may contact the winner by telephone prior to shipping the prize.

11. Won prizes must be claimed within 14 days of date the notification email was sent. If the prize is not claimed within 14 days, the user will be deemed to have forefitted the prize.

12. wants each user to have a fair chance of winning; Therefore we reserve the right to suspend or revoke accounts which we believe are being used in violation of contest rules. further reserves the right to suspend or revoke accounts at any time and for any reason.

13. Our Responsibilities to Participants

  1. Prizes will be shipped to the user provided address (as submitted with the "prize claim" form linked to in the winner notification email) within 30 days of the date the winner was has "claimed" the prize.
  2. If a prize package is returned to for any reason, the winner will be deemed to have forefitted the prize.
  3. is not responsible for any damage to the prize(s) from shipping.
  4. All prizes are shipped as-is and without warranty.
  5. By participating in a contest, you agree that will not be held liable for any losses or undelivered prizes associated with that contest.

14. Have fun and good luck!