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Karmic Reactors: A Backstory (1/4)

A Technological Breakthrough

The goose at Mercury Lake

One day in Gooseland, the goose was foraging near Mercury Lake. As usual, she was thinking fondly of her goosers and how her eggs have brought joy to many. Some very grateful goosers have even told their closest friends, family, and repairmen about how her free, prize-yielding eggs can be had with just a dash of Karma.

Though on this day, some of her thoughts were troubled.

"Goosers are happy about the constant stream of free eggs, and I have taken steps to make sure the chances favor those who want the egg the most. My quips have been spot on--as usual. But something is missing… what is it!?"

Still deep in thought, she ended up following a berry trail to a mountaintop where she encountered a strange castle. Mumbling to herself, she said, "Well that's odd, I come here all the time and haven't--" Then suddenly she exclaimed "Well, no time for plot holes! My mother always said that the best way to face the unknown is to honk loudly and fly straight for it!" Taking to the skies, flapping and honking with all her might, she slipped into the shadowy depths within.

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