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Uncle John's Curiously Compelling Bathroom Reader Giveaway

Uncle John's Curiously Compelling Bathroom Reader

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What could make you say, "Why this is just so, so...curiously...compelling!" while sitting on the toilet? Actually, maybe a number of things if you're not that knowledgeable about your body and/or what comes out of it, but I promise you, this Reader is better than any of that!

Where else could you find, collected in one nifty compact volume, topics such as "Bathroom Lore", "Forgotten History", "Pop Science", "Law and Order", "Pop-Pourri" and more, all in the same place?

The only negative is, you'll never want to leave your bathroom again! On the positive side, go ahead and eat all the foods that don't agree with you. You'll enjoy the time spent going in and out this way!

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anonymous June 19, 2013
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