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Targus CleanVu Cleaning Pads 3 Pack (Redux) Giveaway

Targus CleanVu Cleaning Pads 3 Pack (Redux)

Congratulations to anonymous our lucky winner!

Unfortunately, someone needed these in order to clean the screen so they could see that they won these. If what I just said makes sense to you, you're a better person than me.


These reusable cleaning pads are ideal for most touch screen devices because we know a lot of you out there can't resist touching your screens even if your hands are grubby. Or oily with their human residues that just won't go away. Here's a thought, though: Can robot fingers use touchscreens? Hm...until we find that out, you'd better just keep using your own hands.

Back to the point, these cleaning pads are made from soft faux suede and leather-like material that will clean but not damage your precious screen! Also included is the durable faux leather backing complete with built-in handle for stable usage! Two pads to a pack, one red and one black. Now you'll never have to worry about cleaning your hands again*!

*Although, it's probably still a good idea, I hear the flu is rampant this year.

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