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Kindle Fire Tablet Giveaway

Kindle Fire Tablet

Congratulations to anonymous our lucky winner!

The goose was been tasked with providing an egg that was broadly appealing and that would be worth spending down yer karma on. And hence, a brand new Kindle Fire tablet! Don't forget to spend your karma soon!

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Winner Date Won
anonymous July 28, 2013
Drawing Stats Karma Applied Odds
anonymous 133 2.09%
You You didn't respond to this giveaway.

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Well I just passed on this tablet that I could have used. So I better damn well have a chance at something else I like that is cool, or at least something I can easily sell for something else that is nifty. Now that I think about it, that IS odd. It also explains why those friggin' Eggscopes won't work at all >.<

I thought it would be obvious that my previous comment was to be as silly as the comment it was in reply to. Why exactly would the admins tell us what remaining items (and when) were to be given away? So that nobody would try to win the "bad" prizes and everybody would cash out on the "good" prize?

TheAyanamiRei: You haven't seen the list of the final prizes? The admins emailed a copy to everyone on their distribution list the day after they made the announcement of closing the site.

Does anyone know what else is coming down the line? I mean this Kindle is pretty good, but it's also pretty hot. So I'm wondering if I should save my karma for something better, or just dump it all right now....

I think the old copper goose might be gearing up to offload merch with unhatched eggs for the final days? I'm not sure if it'll be a contest, or a $5 each etc kinda deal, but I'm putting on my blue shirt and preparing for the End Times.

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