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Accoutrements Moses Action Figure - Second Chance Giveaway

Accoutrements Moses Action Figure - Second Chance

Congratulations to anonymous our lucky winner!

Yeah... so... if this looks familiar, it's because the goose accidentally hatched two of these... I guess the goose is a REALLY big moses fan!

Need a little help parting the Red Sea? Or, maybe you're the type of person that wants a reminder of the the 10 commandments sitting on your desk, so why not have it in the form of an action figure, right? And if you have a personal beef with the commandments or are feeling a little frustrated with them lately, live vicariously through Moses and make him throw that thing down and stomp on it! That's what action figures are for, right, acting out in ways we can't?

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anonymous June 14, 2013
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anonymous 3 5.19%
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