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2 Pack - 5 Days a Week Mousepad++ Giveaway

2 Pack - 5 Days a Week Mousepad++

Suggested by goosers like you.
Congratulations to anonymous our lucky winner!

Okay. So, we tried to give away this Information Central Mousepad a few weeks back. It was relatively unpopular and went unclaimed. Someone also suggested this 2 pack 5 Days a Week Mousepad. So what I've gone ahead and done, to sweeten the deal on this one, is put them both together (the unclaimed mousepad plus the 5 Days a Week Mousepads) and put them up for only 12 hours.

I'm not a gambling man, and I can't predict what will happen with this. But if I were, and if I could, I'd guess your odds of winning this one might be reasonable if you have karma to burn...

Then again, since this is a set of 3 paper Mousepads, you'll probably have fresh writing pads under your hand for a year or more. And I don't know how the realization of this being one of our final giveaways will factor in. So my assumptions about popularity are probably wrong. Your odds might be terrible... Please don't assume you will win (even if you dump 1001 karma points)!

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Winner Date Won
anonymous July 29, 2013
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anonymous 0 0.56%
You You didn't respond to this giveaway.

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Use my scope after this egg came up and it told me this is the next egg. I love all the free shinies and scopes but I haven't had a working scope in a long time. They would never be more useful than they are now but they just don't work for me.

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