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Unhatched Coppergoose Eggs Giveaway

Unhatched Coppergoose Eggs

Congratulations to anonymous our lucky winner!

No, goosers, your egg scopes have not lied to you. We figured we'd close like one of those obnoxious movies that shows the hero walking into the sunset but doesn't tell you how the story ends. Is there a theater term for that?

Anyhow, this final giveaway is our opportunity to share with one lucky gooser the joy of hatching goose eggs as we have experienced it throughout the years! The winner of this "basket" of eggs will receive a dozen delightful surprises, in 12 unhatched gold-colored plastic "copper" eggs!

And while we can't say exactly what is in the eggs--it could anything--no, more precisely, if the goose is as kind to you as we think she will be, it will be anything! And, in case you really want to know, I can say that the combined value of the contents of the unhatched eggs will be more than $120!

In addition to the unhatched eggs, we'll throw in CG memorabilia and maybe an overstock item or two as well. Remember, this is the last giveaway. You should spend your karma on this one. Your karma bank will be useless after this giveaway.

Thanks for all of the memories, good luck, and we hope to see you again soon for the secret project beta!

Winner Date Won
anonymous Aug. 1, 2013
Drawing Stats Karma Applied Odds
anonymous 373 3.05%
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GooseWriter10 at 08/13/2013 10:05 p.m. (direct link)

Congratulations, Horace R, for being the final winner!!!000 For those of you who want to see the contents of the final giveaway, check out our blog post here:

@electrical beast I too remember your three prizes in one month. i had def considered the idea that you found a glitch lol. but alas that was before the goose had gained in widespread popularity so the odds were much better, im sad i never received a golden egg to play with and keep as a memento as well as shake incessantly to annoy evan and sharpie lol!!! Thank you mother goose for your wonderful times of looking forward to the prize (s) of the day. thank you community of goosers for the fun comments and good days:) farewell coppergoose :)

@MyThoughtsAreDeep I've been doing the same thing. Almost went out with a full set of items, but I used an Eggscope to see what it would show. Also, my Karma Vision wore out on this egg, and I haven't seen a replacement yet.

I haven't won a thing since I've been on here. So I'm giving to one last try. I want to win so bad! I never win anything ever! I can't wait to see the secret beta project either. This should be interesting.

I managed to get two games. One of which I still need to sell, and the other I played with friends just the other night!! <3 I will be sad to see this place go, but I am curiously excited to see what new thing Coppergoose will turn into!!

Why is anybody complaining about lost shinies I mean What could you get for them? Did you expect the egg scope to show a future egg when there are no future eggs? Also I threw in m last 51 karma, and I hope to win this mystery gift.

What a wonderful idea Coppergoose was. You guys have been amazing. Twice now I haven't known what to get my parents for their respective birthdays and you've posted the perfect egg each time (and I WON them!). So thanks, guys, for all you've done and I hope to see you at the Secret Project Beta!

In for my last six Karma. Over the time I've been here I've won nothing whatsoever, though some of the people I got to sign on did win stuff (one on her first entry, even, and then later she won something else.) incidentally, I activated both optimistic and manic minions, and neither did ANYTHING.

I count myself among the lucky (albeit two years ago: I won a Zippo lighter, even though at the time I had just switched to e-cigs--I gave it to my sister-in-law (she loved it)). Thanks for the fun opportunities over the past couple of years, and I look very forward to your next venture! Cheers!

Thank you Goose for an awesome time! I remember my first win when you guys first opened. I still have my Lego man flashlight attached to my key chain. My nephew still loves playing with it to this day. Thanks so much!

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